IDL Numeracy Review

IDL Numeracy is a maths software resource developed with the intention to improve outcomes for low-attaining pupils, in particular  by reducing the stress that, those with low level maths ability or dyscalculia would ordinarily feel when faced with mathematical problems. The package includes over 2200 lessons but each are immediately identifiable as an IDL lesson because the principle will always be the same; mathematical puzzles are presented in a fun and easy way and each puzzle is solved by moving items around the screen or by clicking on the right items. There are clear, in-built auditory instructions so children can follow what to do which is essential with pupils that this is aimed at and they are also given options to simplify puzzles or seek help. In addition to this teachers are able to monitor the progress of their pupils and helps identify the areas that require additional support. 

This is genuinely a maths support programme that recognises specific learning difficulties and addresses them via what I feel students will find enjoyable and interactive lessons.

By Melanie Muldowney 

Former chair of teaching committee at Mathematical Association

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