New IDL Feature Updates!

Published on 17/12/2021

At IDLS we are constantly updating and improving our software to make it even more user friendly, simple to use and engaging for your pupils. Below is a list of our recent feature updates, please click the relevant link to watch a how-to video

  • Teachers can now bulk assign buttons to pupils - How-to Video
  • Teachers can now bulk send messages to pupils - How-to Video
  • Teachers can now clear literacy or numeracy progress for individual pupils - How-to Video
  • Teachers can now take lessons and test themselves. This is purely to see what a lesson looks like from the pupil perspective and does not save any results. How-to Video
  • Numeracy now has built in strategy animated videos for pupils - How-to Video


We’ve also been busy recruiting and training…

  • Increased the size of our development department, so that we can continue to develop IDL to meet your needs. Please keep your feedback and suggestions coming!
  • Increased the size of our customer service team, allowing us to provide more free online training sessions and be available to support you by phone and email with speedy response times.  


Free Literacy Screener

  • A brand new Literacy Screener is out now! It's free for all schools to use as well! Please click here for more information.

Free Dyscalculia Screener

  • You’ve also been asking for a pre-recorded video of our Dyscalculia Screener training, here it is - Watch video


Free Online Training Sessions

  • We are continuing to offer free online training sessions, please log in to see dates, times and links to attend these sessions. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to support you! Get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01524 580665.