FAQs - IDL Literacy

Test Queries

How do I actually test my students?

The test can be viewed and printed from the ‘Resources’ button on the main tutor menu. Print off a copy of the tests and follow the instructions provided to test each of your pupils on a one-to-one basis.

How do I see progress or enter subsequent test results?

  • You can test your students at any time by clicking on the ‘Add Test’ button in your student’s profile
  • Retest by printing the original test, administer and enter results in the orange box

How often should I test the students?

Completely at your own discretion, however, as part of the Lottery Funded Project “Lifting Barriers”, all participating students were tested after 26 hours. We recommend that schools test once a term (having used IDL for a minimum of 1 hour per week in this time) due to the fact that over testing can diminish self-esteem if no progress is made. This also allows for learning retention and consolidation.

In what setting should we test students?

  • The spelling test can be administered on a one to one basis or in small groups
  • The reading test should be administered on a one to one basis

Student Progression, Programme Progression and Graphs

IDL appears to be taking students back and making them repeat lessons

  • IDL is a revision-based programme (80% revision and 20% new learning)
  • This means that once a student has completed 70 new lessons, they will then be alternated with revision lessons

My student has completed a lesson and it won’t let them move on

  • Find out what lesson and module this is happening on and what type of lesson this is
  • It could be because it is a comprehension lesson, in which a question will be asked and the student is to type the answer correctly and press space bar to enter it

My student is showing regression when looking at their progress

  • Results that show regression are indicative of an inconsistent testing environment (too lenient in the initial baseline test or various members of staff testing differently)
  • Not completed enough lessons in-between testing (recommend just once a term and using a minimum an hour a week)

One of my students has been doing lessons but no progress is being made

  • Are they using the lesson book (for revision purposes only) instead of clicking ‘start here’ when logging in?
  • You must retest students termly and enter up-to-date scores into subsequent orange test boxes within the ‘Your People’ icon in order to see graphs and monitor progress

Technical Queries – the appearance and running of IDL

How do I find out if a student has been accessing IDL from home?

A green box within a student’s timeline denotes a completed module and shows the number of completed activities in this module along with the date of the last activity undertaken.

How do I lock or prevent access to certain aspects of the programme to students?

  • Log in using admin details
  • Click the ‘Your People’ icon and click on the pencil next to the name of the student of which you would like to restrict access.
  • Untick any function of the programme under ‘Desktop Items’ to restrict these functions

I can’t add any more students to the programme

  • A licence for IDL includes unlimited student numbers therefore a school should never reach their limit in terms of adding students to the programme
  • Only 5 students can be added to a trial of the IDL programme

I can’t see the text when typing or the screen is blank for one of my students when trying to do their lesson

  • Find out what type of lesson this is (in a dictation for example, no words will appear on the screen)
  • It is possible that the student has chosen the same background colour as the text colour and these need to be a contrast. A student can amend the text colour/background colour by logging in and selecting the ‘Colours’ icon.

I cannot log back in to IDL with the details you provided

  • The log in details may be being entered incorrectly (check for spaces, punctuation etc.)
  • Another member of staff may have changed the password
  • Ensure that the details are not being copied and pasted directly from the WELCOME email. IDL will not work if log in details are copied and pasted in

The dates of everything in the programme are incorrect – the test dates, the dates lessons have been taken, etc

The dates in the programme are taken from the dates of the computer being used. If the dates differ, this will be to do with the date on the school PC. Tutors can check their settings and perhaps liaise with the schools IT department to rectify this

Why can I not hear any audio when I am going through the lessons?

If the learners are not hearing the words being spoken when going through the lessons, please can you test if you can play this audio file by clicking on the link below?




If this is blocked and isn’t playing, it could be that your IT team have blocked the playing of MP3 files at your school.

Why do students use their own colours?

  • Due to the visual stress associated with dyslexia and those who struggle with literacy
  • Tutors should suggest that students pick whatever colours they are comfortable with. However, these need to be contrasting colours

How to administer IDL

From what age can students use IDL?

Any age from 5+, there is no upper age limit to IDL

How often should students access IDL

We recommend that students access the programme for a minimum of one hour per week, split up however best fits with school, better in short, sharp bursts (10 or 20 minute sessions)

Should I guide my student’s learning on IDL or do I leave my students to access the programme without support?

IDL is designed to be easy and simple for tutors to administer and for students to use, it is built around independent learning. Most schools will facilitate IDL in groups with a member of staff, potentially a TA, to supervise

Costing, Licences and Renewals

What does the IDL licence include?

  • An unlimited, multi-user IDL site
  • Home access
  • Can be accessed on all platforms. IPads, Andriod, Laptops & PCs.

What is the renewal fee for?

  • The renewal fee for IDL is for continued access to the programme following the first year
  • This also covers all technical support and updates

When is my renewal date for IDL?

The renewal date for your IDL licence is exactly one year from the date of purchase

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