What is IDL Dyslexia Software?

IDL Literacy is a specialist web-based software, designed to help pupils improve their reading and spelling ability. It's a fun, interactive programme designed to help children improve their literacy skills, particularly those with dyslexia and other language learning difficulties.

How can IDL help with dyslexia, ASD, and Pupil Premium Strategies?

Primary school children who have difficulty reading often find it difficult to keep up with their peers in lessons. They are more likely to miss key information, misunderstand instructions and struggle with homework tasks. This may lead to feelings of frustration and low self-esteem which can make them reluctant to participate in class discussions or even ask for help when they need it most.

IDL Literacy can help pupils with dyslexia, dyslexic tendencies, EAL learners and those struggling with Literacy in general. It initially helps to improve their reading and spelling ability, which ultimately improves overall literacy skills, confidence and self-esteem.

IDL Literacy can be accessed in school and at home. The programme is web-based, whereby progress is stored in the cloud, making it possible to flit between devices with one set of login details. The programme is compatible with Google Chrome and can also be used on iPads and other android devices by downloading an app from either the App or Google Play Store.

Why choose IDL for dyslexia learning in primary school?

IDL Literacy is used by thousands of pupils around the world. In several research projects, IDL has been proven to improve reading and spelling ability, particularly amongst dyslexic children, helping them to achieve their full potential.

How does IDL work?

IDL Literacy uses a multi-sensory approach combining visual, auditory and tactile methods to help pupils learn:

Seeing, listening and doing – IDL lessons focus on letters, sounds and words as they appear on the screen. The pupil hears and sees a word, then copies the word by typing over it in a different colour, which helps to track their position in the lesson. This is then repeated, but the second time around, letters will be missing from the word, which the pupil will have to remember and insert. This system of repetition and overlearning aids retention.

Reading, recording and playing back - Once the typing element of the lesson is complete, the pupil can read and record the words they have typed for practice and fluency and can listen to their spoken words, which again, helps to aid retention.

Pupils can choose the background and text colours of their IDL lessons to meet their own individual visual needs.

Subject-specific spellings – there are three modules of subject-specific spelling lessons that pupils can access if they are struggling to spell particular subject words as an additional extra – particularly useful in upper key stage 2 in preparation for moving on to high school

An Alternative Approach?

IDL Literacy provides an alternative approach to current curriculum methods, which may better suit the learning style and needs of some pupils who don’t seem to be making progress at the same speed as their peers.

IDL supports learning by offering a different approach, which a struggling pupil may better understand. It also allows a pupil to work at their own pace through lessons that are appropriate and reflective of their own ability. Over time, this builds confidence and self-belief, leading to improved literacy skills and a more positive attitude to learning.

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